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Forging Farrir

World building, actual play, walkthroughs and reviews

Oct 9, 2017

It's winter in the Surehoof Confederacy. Thia is an initiate at the Order of the Iron Eye, a specialist branch of the church of Aetûr. Amber is a 'Sheild' of the church. Rashan is a member of the local cavalry, know as The Fleet. Badger is a scout for hire and tour guide and Ettrick is a member of the town guard, although his interests may lie elsewhere. Join them as they go out their day to day work in the town of Dead Oaks.

Cast - Alice, Bethan, Corina, Craig, Ian

DM - Kai

Edited by Kai

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Music - Cinesound Productions (with Jason Chatwin) & Tabletop Media

Art - Steven Bellshaw & Naddaya

Sound Effects - Freesfx / Freesound / Quiet Planet