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Forging Farrir

World building, actual play, walkthroughs and reviews

Nov 29, 2020

Wizard on the Wynd has rebranded to include a wider range of gaming content. We will be returning to the world of Farrir soon, but for now I am uploading a story recorded on Zoom during lockdown.

Please bear in mind the audio is from players home mics so the quality is low and sometimes we are referring to things on a screen. The video can be watched on our patreon -

DM: Kai Savage

Vesper Versetti: Jackson Bartlett

Rowan Helder: Bethan Bird

Raiann Esstyrlynn: Riona Datta-Savage

Zaira'aki: Leigh Harkness

Zedaar Esstyrlynn: Kester Savage


Music: Kevin MacLeod

Ambience: Tabletop Audio

Sound Effects: Quiet World

Art: Wayne Peters and Mike Schley


Dragon of Icespire Peak is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure contained within the Essentials Kit published by Wizards of the Coast.